Me Now Or Later

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Between Me now and me later, the difference can be stark as day and night.  And what makes that difference?  Our state of mind. The “Milkmaid and Her Pail” from the Aesop‘s Fables illustrates this point:

A milkmaid went to market with her pail on her head.  She was lost in thought about the profits and what she will do with them and tripped. No more milk.

Huge gap if you ask me. And not just fables, plenty real life examples exist: car accident, road rage, mass shooting, Covid-19, to name a few. In a flicker of sound, thought, or light, life changes and momentum takes over.  Rest is the all familiar – too bad, so sad.

The present moment offers infinite details for our consumption: dilated pupils, raised eyebrows, heightened heartbeats, elevated blood pressures, et cetera, et cetera. Enough for us to fully engage. Why not take the time, ground ourselves in the now, and sort it out?

Besides, who knows what will happen? If we fail to deal with the Me now, the “me later” may never come.

Do you think that missed opportunity is as empty as the Me later? 

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1 Response to Me Now Or Later

  1. earthskyair says:

    I like this post, Terry. It is a good reminder. Me now or me later, … and the infinite details of the present moment. 🌷

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