Are You Ready To Travel?

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After fifteen months of Covid-19, any reasonable persons would be ready to return to the pre-pandemic travel.  Particularly if they are fully vaccinated and if President Joe Biden reaches his goal of 70% Americans inoculated by the 4th of July, who wouldn’t?

Certainly, the travel industry is ready.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has okay’ed the cruise lines to resume conditional sailings this month.  Hotels and airlines are gearing up to taking bookings to full capacity.

It appears the joy of traveling, eating out, gathering with friends & families whenever, wherever, and without fear is soon to be at our finger tips again.  Bear in mind however that the Coronavirus is far from being eradicated.  With new strains of the Covid-19 and inconsistent protocols on re-opening the borders, figuring out where to travel is a not a cinch.

Moreover, lacking a vaccination passport or something similar complicates the straight foward eating out option.  There is no way for anyone to know who has been vaccinated from those have not. Let alone, children under the age of twelve still lack an approved vaccine.  The carefree travel of the pre-pandemic days is still out of reach.

Are you ready to travel?

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2 Responses to Are You Ready To Travel?

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I volunteered to go to a week long conference in August.
    Things will either be okay by then or we will be in another lock down.
    I’m predicting a mini surge of infections in the next few weeks as the un-masked mix with the un-vaxed.


    • terryshen says:

      I think you‘re right, Andy. It’s like a seasaw back and forth. Except now we have better theraputics and more hospital beds to treat infected. By August we should be well on our way to herd immunity if Biden‘s plan pays off.

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