Sadness – A Lesson On Compassion

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We all feel sad at times.  Whether saying good bye to loved ones, regretting over mistakes, or feeling sorry for someone’s misfortune, sadness happens. In fact it is one of the fundamental human emotions.  One that I learned has redeeming value to embrace.

You see, I typically viewed the sadness as a transient phase.  Meaning with time, one will come out of it.  Sooner the better. That was why I did not indulge myself in sadness. Instead, I tried to get over it as quickly as feasible. Unfortunately this kind of thinking had prevented me from seeing the inspirational side of sadness.

Feeling sad is not only an universal experience but also contagious.  Babies get moved to tears when they see others cry.  It is a common and natural reaction.  Instead of ignoring or restraining it, embrace sadness to teach us about our emotions and develops useful skills such as sympathy and compassion. Both we can use more now-a-days.

How do you release your sadness feeling and turn it into compassion?

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3 Responses to Sadness – A Lesson On Compassion

  1. earthskyair says:

    Wise words, Terry. 💖


    • terryshen says:

      Thanks Nancy. I think people can be more compassionate toward each other if sadness is better embraced and expressed. Take Covid-19 for example, lots of lives have bee taken away. Don’t know how well the affected are coping with their lost. In some senses, it is viewed as a weakness.

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