Week In Review – 13 Jun 2021

Aah, a relief from the 90 degree heat in the Mid-Atlantic finally rolled in latter part of the week. This cooler air however did not stop the cicadas from doing their business – still buzzing and dropping everywhere. I wonder if things will change when the summer solstice arrives in a week.

Whatever happens, rest assured, I will record in this blog. Speaking of blogging, every blogger faces fatigue and struggles to overcome it. That’s why Stephanie Shirley’s tips on how to overcoming this common challenge is practical and worthy of sharing.  Particularly, when you are writing on a daily basis.

Personally, daily writing is a discipline. I take it on similar to my approach to marathon training. In this and similar cases, attitude counts.  It is as important as the physical work. Moreover, daily writing is renewal and better than work.

Lastly, as many American families getting ready for their summer vacations, worthy to remind ourselves that the Coronavirus is still with us.  Until it is eradicated world over, we all need to be vigilant for ourselves and each other’s sake.  It is sad but true.

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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