Coronavirus Is Not The Blame

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When we face a powerful source that is bigger than ourselves, we defer or adapt.  Our ancestors hunted preys bigger and faster than them. That is how humans survived thus far – we defer or adapt.

In civilized social systems, this is typified by politics where negotiations take place and deals are made. The new government in Israel is a case in point. But having said that, any social systems dwarf in the shadow of the natural order.

Don’t believe it?

Take a look at the Coronavirus pandemic.  Eighteen months into this outbreak and 3.8 million casualties later, we still not out of the woods.  The US alone accounts for 600 thousand of the global Covid-19 deaths (as of today) with only over half of its adults fully immunized.   Meanwhile, the virus is mutating.

The Coronavirus is not the blame. Like the Smallpox and Black Plague before it, the Covid-19 is part of the nature. If anything, it is us who failed to defer or adapt. Specifically, our political systems failed to work effectively.

How could we improve our approach to challenges like the Coronavirus in the future?

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