Finding A Fit

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When you find something that fits, you keep it.  Product commercials and marketing industry try at every opportunity to persuade the target audiences such is the case with the products or services they represent.

However, the “fit” only can be determined by actual experience. And getting the targeted audience to give it a try becomes the first step, and hopefully not the last step in the companies’ goal.  Each one of us gets bombarded with advertisement daily.  Vying for our attention is where mega-money is spent on.

Oddly, as consumers we don’t even notice the efforts.  When something fits and with ownership, we proceed without much thoughts about the brand.  Instead, it becomes my phone, my car, my tablet, etc.  Because getting through the gaunlet of filterings in our minds, we no longer concern about the brand, provided the process was authentic.

How do you determine something fits you? Is it something that makes you happy?  Something you need or meets your budget?  Or something else?

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