Morning Run & Meditation

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This morning the sky was overcast and the pavement moist.  I looked around – few runners was out due the forecast of rain.  So I thought what a perfect opportunity to practice running meditation along with my 8 mile run. So I thought.

As I embarked on my run, lo and behold, I surprised myself by how many distractions actually popped into my head.  As is common, when we tell our mind what not to think (e.g. don’t think the color blue), the mind would do just the opposite (i.e. think blue).

In those cases, classic advice is simply acknowledging the thought and returning back to the breath or whatever the object of attention for your meditation.  Well, it turned out to be not so simple when there were so many interrupting thoughts.  Kinda like standing in the middle of the central train station and trying to greet everyone while staying focused.

Be that as it may, meditation like running is a practice.  Which means with patience and time, the process should get better.  That is for running, meditation or both.

Have you tried running or other non-sitting meditations?

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2 Responses to Morning Run & Meditation

  1. earthskyair says:

    Yes, yes, and yes. I think I meditate on pretty much every run. I, too, count while running. It is amazing to me when I finish, and I feel so mentally, emotionally refreshed. Great post, Terry! 🌷

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