Why? Why? Why?

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A few pieces of news have been swirling in my head:

  • The 12 story Miami Condominium that partially collapsed in the middle of the night (Thursday morning 1:30 AM to be specific) with 4 dead and 159 missing.
  • A man jumped out a airplane door that was taxing in the LAX Friday night. Apparently he did so after failing to breach the cockpit door.
  • Dereck Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer who murdered George Floyd was sentenced for 22.5 years.

These news gave me pause.  In particular, why do they happen? Puzzling as the answers may be, the facts remain that damages already happened.  Therefore, an  investigation in each of the cases is a necessary step in pursuing the truth. “Bad luck” is simply not an acceptable answer.

In addition to the prescribed process by our Criminal Justice system, our collective conscious need closure. People demand and deserve answers.  Ultimately, the goal is to right the wrong, if all possible.

What do you think would happen if the Justice system is politicized?

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