Week In Review – 27 Jun 2021

This week ushered in the summer solstice for folks in the Northern Hemisphere.  An annual phenomenon representing our planet in relation to the sun.  And yet it receives little fanfares. Apparently, routines don’t attract attentions, but exceptions do.

Will we ever get used to the Covid-19 as it continues on to its seventeenth month?  Life is beginning to feel “normal” in the US for the fully vaccinated.  Restrictions are being lifted.  Stores and movie theaters are welcoming back customers.  Pockets of vaccine hesitancy remain however, and they are prolonging this pandemic.

It is a tug-of-war between freedom and public health and a test to our fundamental belief of what is just.  There is no fixed answer; only a perennial process characterized by our human struggle – where  solution requires deep understanding.  Good to remind all of us that we are not ourselves, and our connections are more than meets the eye.

Lots of challenges as well as opportunities exist.  All food for thoughts (or meditations) if so choose.

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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