A Heat Run Challenge

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The status board in front of a local community center says “85 degree” as I glanced up while running this morning.  It was hot. Sweats was dripping down my eyebrows as I pressed my soaked legs forward.

My run would have been a doozie if weren’t for the shades along the way and a slight breeze gently perking me up from time to time. And of course the bottle water I brought, even it tasted warm, was a life saver.

I knew it was going to be hot but took it as a challenge that I am no fair weather runner. But it was no joke – the heat really doubles the efforts at any distance.  Therefore I kept my pace low to be on the cautious side.  Dehydration or over heating would be not fun.

On that point, I drank like a water buffalo rest of the day to make up for the fluid lost during my 8 mile run. In the coming months, I need to hydrate more before my run, especially on a hot day like today. And perhaps wearing a hat or headband to keep the sweats away from my eyes.

What would you do differently on a heat run?

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3 Responses to A Heat Run Challenge

  1. earthskyair says:

    Good for you, Terry! Run smart! 🌷


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