Staying Curious

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We get ingrained in our view of things.  Over time, we convince ourselves what we know is not only right but absolutely right.  No wonder, innovation passed, opportunity lost, and we became staled. Too bad, so sad?  No. No.  It’s not too late.

Yes, it is uncomfortable when our paradigms get challenged. Paradigm is the mental model we hold about our world.  The feeling is understandable.  But a way around this predicament is “staying curious.”

You see, our perception, and by extension our paradigm, is only a facet of the world, but it is not the world. If left unchallenged, we develop a warped sense of the reality without realizing how far off we just may be.  You know the proverbial “I didn’t know.”

In contrast, if we set out to be curious and stay curious about our world, the people in it, and how things are  organized, the game changes – we are being proactive in this inquiry instead of being defensive.  More likely than not we will discover something new.

What tickles your fancy?


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