The Pandemic Windfall

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By pandemic windfall, I am not talking about the pharmaceutical, medical apparel or other business profits, but positive change on a personal level due to the Covid-19. How has the pandemic helped you?  Sounds a bit strange?  Maybe.  Allow me to elaborate.

The Chinese character of “crisis” is composed of both risk and opportunity.  The same applies to the Cornonavirus that has dominated our lives in the past eighteen months.  However, the crisis also forced us to adjust our daily routines into new ways.  Services like Tele-med, Zoom meeting, online schooling, grocery delivery are examples of such changes.

Yes, the advent of computers, Internet, and mobile phones has ushered in the digital innovations.  But it took the Covid-19 to push us to explore the possibilities of what more  can be done with the technology.  In other words, desperation creates inspirations.  The pressing need to survive the pandemic precipitated the changes.

For instance, I have always preferred in-person, face-to-face interactions in accomplishing important tasks.  But in spite of this preference, I learned to get most of my things done remotely or with little human contact. Could it be done better with in person?  Maybe. But not necessarily.

What opportunities has the Covid-19 brought you?

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