Smart Tech For Dummy?

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As technology goes, things are getting smarter every day.  Consumer items like the smart-watch, s – TV, s-phone, s -door bell are common around us.  They are making me dumber. Why do I feel this way?

You see, with a “smart” descriptor in front of these items, I am bowing to the omnipresence of digital technology innovation.  With chips, computer, and internet,  things are evolving so fast that they make my head spin.

Take the smart watch for example. In addition to telling time, it collects one’s biometric data such as pulse, blood pressure, movements.  And it can determine one’s fitness level instantly.  An assessment I would otherwise have to go to a doctor’s office for.

And this is just a small piece of the vast numbers of products available.  I feel like the dinosaur consumer in a digital jungle marketplace.  Not necessary lost but not all that plugged in for sure.

So indulge me the luxury of fantasy for a moment: the day will come that after my run, my smart watch will have my self driving car ready and waiting at the finish spot parking lot.  It will pick me up and drive home.  My piping hot coffee will be brewed and ready for me.

Will that day be here soon or is it here already?


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