More Fires & Floods

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The weather disaster headlines today are concerning:  “The largest wildfire in the US is only 7% contained,” reads the CNN and “Europe floods: At least 120 dead and hundreds unaccounted for,” the BBC.  Are these the writings on the wall about our climate change and global warming? I would think so. 

But interestingly, there are those who remain unconvinced and label the whole episode as “climate crusade,” a reference back the medieval conspiracy.  Many of these folks are nonetheless scientists themselves.  Thus, the debate rages on.

Don’t know about the science, but the argument on whether we are facing a climate emergency is far from settled.  It maybe a sign of the time, but I find it eerily similar to the vaccine campaigns (for and against) as people succumbing to the Coronavirus everyday.  

We may never come to full agreement on these all-important issues.  We must try to understand nevertheless.  Ultimately, history will be the judge on who’s right from wrong.  But that may be too late.

Is there a better way to understand the diversity of views and bring about timely resolutions?

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