Law Of Proxemics

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Being near to the Nation’s Capital, one could not help but be drowning in politics – always news, scandals, and intrigues.  As politics goes, Washington DC is the seat of power and the playground for power junkies.

From the President to the pages on the Congressional floor, no one is exempt from this game.  The famous saying, “if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog” exemplifies the tenuous political relationships the city is famous for.

And there lies the dilemma for me.  I am not a power junkie.  In fact, I disdain the cesspool of back stabbing, behind closed door deals, and PAC donations – all too common among the so called “Honorable’s.”  But, I can’t pass up on the front-row seat on the human drama and how the sausages are made.

What’s your assessment on the chance of political reform in Washington?

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