The Tokyo Olympics

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In a few days, the long awaited Tokyo Olympics will begin (on 23 July).  “Long awaited” because this was supposed to be the 2020 Summer Olympic games, delayed a year due to the Coronavirus.  “So it is finally happening,” I whisper under my breath.  Not wanting to say it out loud to jinx it.  Why?

According to the USA Today, “58 individuals connected with the Games had tested positive for COVID-19.” This includes 4 cases within the Olympic Village.  If contact tracing and quarantine protocols were to be followed, the number will most likely go up.

The Olympic represents the best of the best from around the world.  Top athletes in their fields trained tirelessly even through the pandemic to be in Tokyo.  Not to mention after a year of delay, their quests deserve a platform.  What would happen?

Will it be a triumph over the Covid-19 or the other way around?  Of course, I am ruling for the former. But the low level of vaccination and public support in Tokyo and the voracity of the Coronavirus’ delta variant put the odds on the later.

I am having my fingers crossed.

What are your thoughts about the Tokyo Olympics? Should it continue?

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