What Makes A Home Home?

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Many of us have gotten to know the place we call home intimately during the past year and a half. Thanks to the Covid-19, we spent lots of time at home physically restricted to combat the spread of Coronavirus.  At least until the vaccines became available.

Be that as it may, here is the question: what makes our home a home?  Is it just a place to sleep and to park our belongings? Is it where the collective memories reside?  What if, we had to move for whatever the reason.  How do we re-establish that home feeling?

One thing certain is it will take time:  Time to get familiar with our space, its surroundings, and all the necessities like where to get groceries, gas, and doctor’s visit if  we became sick.  For some, the process includes getting to know the neighbors, season, and every detail to make our life familiar and comfortable.

In addition, home is where you know everything is located.  Every piece of outfits, old and new;  every stuff you already had or newly acquired;  and every room that needs to be lived or worn in, they will feel like a pair well worn leather gloves fitting the hand.

 What is the one thing that will remind you of home?



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