Olympic Dishonesty

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It is hot & humid here in Washington DC with temperature in the low 90’s and Dew Point 71 degree Fahrenheit.  But in comparison, I feel a lot worse for the athletes competing in the Tokyo summer Olympics.  Because many of them are suffering unfortunately because someone lied.

“With many days of mild and sunny weather, this period [July] provides an ideal climate for athletes to perform their best” is what the Japan’s official proposal to host the 2020 Summer Olympics.  Scorching heat and high humidity are not the ideal climate.  They degrade performance in any sports.

Worse yet, the International Olympic Committee accepted Japan’s proposal.  What were they thinking?  Okay, the Coronavirus was a surprise. I give them that. But weather data has been around since 1880.  Did anyone bother to check? Any wonder the 1964 Tokyo Olympics was held in October instead?

Adding insult to injury, the Typhoon Nepartak is expected to hit Tokyo tomorrow. So much for the sunny and mild weather.

Do you think the IOC has become too political?

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