Week In Review – 1 Aug 2021

Say hello to August.  With all the record hot temperatures we’ve been having (in the Norther Hemisphere), I hope the hottest day is behind us already.  A cooler temperature may lessen the wildfires on the west, and for me, offers better sleeping and running conditions, among other things

Optimism with the Coronavirus mass vaccination is waning.  A certain population of people is dead set against taking the jab even in spite of the Delta variant.  What best option going forward is a debate that must take place regardless.    

So far the Tokyo Olympics have been fascinating.  Like all other great events, they showcase lots of superb performances, inspirations, and human dramas. Closing ceremony is 8 August. So one more week of the Olympic games remain.   

One take-away is that mind-body disconnect will happen to all of us, elite athletes included.  While not pleasant when that happens, how should the disconnect be dealt with? What if it happens to our loved ones? Or even to ourselves? Good to be prepared.

Stay safe and have a nice week.

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