Succumbing To The Weather

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Carrying your own weather” is a nice concept advocated by Stephen Covey of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People fame.  The concept centers on our proactive choice and ability to shape our destiny.  It is something I endeavor to practice. 

Covey’s metaphor of carry your own weather is about our mindset, and how we interact with others. It is not about the actual weather. Nevertheless it highlights how important the weather is to us, and how the weather affects our mood, action and performance.

Imaging it’s pouring rain outside.  Even if you are determined to be proactive and frame your outlook with a sunny disposition, how long do you think you can last? A hour, day, or  week? Sooner or later, we succumb to the weather. The external reality will not change.

Case in point is the Tokyo Olympics. Elite athletes from around the world not only have to deal with the raging Covid-19 but also the scorching summer heat there. Their suffering is totally unfortunate and unnecessary.

Is it incredible that world records are being set at the Tokyo Olympics in spite of the pandemic and weather?

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