The Delta-plus Variant

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According to the Washington Post, more unvaccinated Americans believe there ares more risks to their health with the vaccines than the Coronavirus itself. Hence, the so called vaccine hesitancy exits. I understand that cost-benefit calculations.

But now these folks have one more reason to re-weigh that calculations. And that reason is the Delta Plus variant of the Coronavirus.  India health experts believe “the variant has the ability to bind more easily to lung cells and could be resistant to therapies used to treat the infection.”

The Delta-plus variant is more transmissible and has been identified in India, South Korea, United Kingdom, and US.  The longer we are fighting the Covid-19 the greater chance the virus mutates.  And the unvaccinated are the incubators for the variants.  That has a greater cost to all of us.

What incentives, in lieu of government mandate, could boost our vaccination rate? 


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