Good Bye Tokyo 2020 Olympics

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The Tokyo Summer Olympics is over.  Many involved in its planning/organizing/execution are probably glad that is the case. In hindsight this has been an Olympics like no others in history given the Coronavirus pandemic.

I am, however,  sad to see the games finished. They have provided me a luxury of escaping into a structured environment in the past few weeks where rules and results are clear. A refuge from reality if you will.  Now that option is gone and only the memory of the games remain.

The external world is less ideal in comparison.  There, rules  are fuzzy and results less forgiving.  No referees to call fault or declare winner.  In a way, the elite athletes are the lucky ones.  They can look forward to Beijing or Paris as their next moment.

Meanwhile we have wildfires need to be put out, crooked politicians need to be removed, and much more going on (of course the Covid-19 pandemic still mutating).  Nevertheless, the Tokyo Olympics is in the history book. Time to move on.

What do you remember about the Tokyo Olympics?

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