“Code Red For Humanity”


Sounds alarming? Yes, that is what the report issued by the UN yesterday called it.

You see, we have talked about climate change long enough, now it’s becoming a crisis. Just look at the catastrophes of heat waves, wildfires, floods, among others around the globe, it’s hard not to notice the changes, even without reading the 3000 page report. 

But the report does confirm that the carbon dioxide (CO2) is the main driver for the greenhouse effect and global warming.  The threat to our security is urgent enough that it demands immediate action to rein in the polluters.  Net zero emission is no longer a goal but a necessity.

Therefore, the report is intended as a wake-up call – a call for action to the people around the world and their governments that we must act now.  Would the world leaders agree to reduce  the CO2 emission given the climate crisis has greater consequences than the Covid-19 pandemic? 

What are your local politicians doing about the climate crisis?



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