Government Scorecards

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The fall of the Afghanistan government this week led me to feel for the Afghan people.  They would probably give their government a big ‘F’ for standing up against the Taliban.  Particularly, when the President Ghani fled the country. But in assessing the score, I couldn’t help thinking about us, particular our government’s role.

After all, we were there working with the Afghan people for twenty years.  Aren’t we accomplice to the Afghan government’s downfall? What about the two trillion dollars we spent and the thousands of American lives lost over there?  Does the US government get a ‘F’ as well?  Not quite.  Allow me to elaborate

Many criticize President Biden for his decision to pull the American troops out from the “Graveyard of Empires.”  But how much lipstick can you paint on a pig?  Do we really want to throw good money after the bad?  Biden happens to be the person in the White House. Since he never bought in the idea to invade the Afghanistan in the first place, he is a  transition leader.

But the decision aside, it is in the execution of the pull-out, some red ink will fly. One clear error in judgement is our failure in anticipating the Afghan government will not only fall but also so quickly. Not pointing finger here.  But we should have had our lessons learned from Vietnam (1975), Iraq (2010), and the likes.  At lease, a well planned exit strategy that includes such scenario is a minimum.

What would you score the pull out?

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2 Responses to Government Scorecards

  1. OmniRunner says:

    Apparently their worse case scenario wasn’t bad enough.
    After everything the US and our allies did over 20 years you would think that their army could hold on for a few months. We have effectively armed a terrorist organization. Their has to be a kill switch on those Humvees, right?
    We had to leave eventually and everyone knew it. We are, however, still in Japan and Germany.
    A different situation, but this was not our longest military exercise.
    If someone doesn’t work a miracle, Biden is not going to get a 2nd term.
    Not our finest hour.


  2. terryshen says:

    Not our finest hour for sure, Andy. But we still have time to do the right thing if Biden wants. I don’t think he will run for a second term regardless. Thanks for your comments.


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