Do I Volunteer?

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That is the subject of an email from an organization I volunteer sometimes.  The point behind the email is that volunteering should be a positive experience and not viewed as a sacrifice or obligation. A view I support but haven’t thought about consciously.

Before retiring from work, I was busy.  A chunk of my time (at least 40 hours a week) was spent on working to earn a living.  Not to mention the associated overtime, commute and etc.  What remained in time and energy I got to spend on what I wanted to do.  So my weekends was precious.

That was then.  Now, retired.  I have full control of my time and energy to spend on whatever I desire.  Instead of quantity, it is the quality of my time matters. With little social obligations, I indulge myself on things or projects that appeal to my values. In a sense, I am more selective with what to do with my time.

So getting back to the question: Do I volunteer?  The answer is Yes, I do. I get involved with my local community. And my involvement with these voluntary activities are a hundred percent self initiated. I choose them because they make me feel good and affirm my ties with my community.

You bet that I will continue as long as I am value added.

Do you volunteer?

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