Week In Review – 22 Aug 2021

This week, Americans took a pause on the wildfires, hurricanes, and extreme heats and turned their attention to another crisis – a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.  A country 7,000 miles away is falling into chaos because the US is pulling our troops out after two decades of presence there.

To be clear, the decision to withdraw was not the cause of the crisis.  It was known since last March when President Trump signed the deal with the Taliban.  But it was how we executed it, or our exit strategy, that left a lot to be desired. Particularly with those allies who assisted us during the past twenty years.

Call it ”use & abuse“ maybe a bit harsh.  After all we did spend two trillion dollars in Afghanistan.  Most Americans agree that besides nailing Bin Laden & cohorts, we are not getting much return on our investment.  And it‘s time to pull out.  But in doing so, we are burning lots of bridges.

Back home, the delta variant of the Coronavirus is spreading fast. Most cases involve the unvaccinated.  In a perverted way, it may help us get to the herd immunity, at least locally. Personally, I still volunteer albeit remotely. When thing gets overwhelming at times, I lean on my meditation

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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