On Eve Of Final Afghanistan Troop Withdraw

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Less than 24 hours to the US withdraw deadline from Afghanistan, the lives of the Afghan people and any foreign nationals there would be left in the hands of Taliban after the 31 August deadline (tomorrow). What will happen next?

I don’t have a crystal ball, but my guesses are: It would be the closing of  a long chapter, 20 years, of the US involvement.  Any future incident would likely be handled through diplomatic channels.  Many lives impacted would continue their transitions – uprooted, resettled, acceptance, etc.

News feeds from Afghanistan will fade over time – a drastic contrast to the 24 hours coverage we are getting now.  People’s attention will turn back to the Covid-19 pandemic, climate crises, and other struggles confronting their lives.  The pullout will become a footnote in the history book.

This is by no mean to play down the herculean evacuation efforts, particularly of the past 17 days and the 13 service members’ lives lost. Books will be written, movie deals perhaps, but, by and large, life moves on.

How do you feel about the Afghanistan withdraw?

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