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Planning For Raining Days

  When things are good and supply chain is working, things teem on store shelves and our cupboards. Economy and employment are strumming their rhythms. No one worries. But as we know and taking cue from nature, everything goes in … Continue reading

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Travel To Experience Life

  Daily regiment can trap not only our body but also our mind and soul. We become staled and locked in – imprisoned by our choice of work, home, or whatever. During the Coronavirus pandemic, the feeling is even more … Continue reading

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The Yin & Yang’s Of Life

  Yin and Yang are life’s opposing forces which we must accept and learn to deal with.  But often that’s easier said than done.  Take below examples for instance: Day – Night Inhale – Exhale Democrats – Republicans Democrat Progressives … Continue reading

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Our Worst Enemy, Part 2

  We are our worst enemy (see paat 1). None better illustrates that than what we are facing in the US right now. The federal government is staring at a real possibility of running out of money and be forced … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 26 Sep 2021

Seems like bad news occupy our attention more than anything else now-a-day. Maybe an unfortunate collateral of  being under the Coronavirus for more than 18 months. Headlines like the Covid-19 is now the deadliest epidemic this country has ever experienced … Continue reading

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  When I was setting my running goal earlier this year, the US looked promising in its fight against the Covid-19. Mass vaccinations were rolling out. The numbers of infection/ hospitalization/ death were trending downward. Surely, things will be back … Continue reading

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Example of Emotional Connections

  With the holp of hearing aids, the baby was able to hear sounds for the first time. And her reactions was absolutely priceless. From twitched eyebrows to quivering lips, her emotions was viceral.  It stole people‘s hearts imagining what … Continue reading

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Lessons On Old Textbooks

  Some of my school textbooks could kill. They are big, bulky, and weigh a ton like bricks. If I were to throw them, liable to kill somebody. But the odd thing is, the more bulky (and expensive) they are, … Continue reading

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Another Autumn Equinox Under Covid-19

  When I wrote about it last year, my mood was bleak.  The fall & winter holiday season would be ruined. Virtual celebration is no comparison to in-person.  Blah. . blah. . blah.  Little did I expect the tenacity of … Continue reading

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A Bad News Day?

If I were President Biden, today would be a day that I rather pass. Let’s see, first the report of the Coronavirus being the deadliest epidemic in US history, the migrants crisis at the Southern Boarder, words about Evergrande, the … Continue reading

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