Fear Of Losing Control

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I love getting organized – everything in its place, squared away.  But deep down, I think it really has more to do with control.  In that,  I want to control chaos before it overtakes me.  And getting organized is my way of tackling my fear.

That strategy works for the most part.  Except when I can’t find something, that’s when my fear rares its ugly head.  Imagine: I know that I have just the right thing for the situation, and yet I could not put my fingers on it. Aaargh!

As my frustration starts to build and pressure mounts, a vicious cycle spirals into my worst nightmare – the fear of losing control.  I would ultimately resign to giving up the search, much to my chagrin. And the item may eventually turn up after the fact.

Fortunately, I am learning to minimize my stuffs and getting rid of unnecessary belongings. All in an effort to keep my life simpler. By the way, I don’t have the same issue when it comes to people.  Because people are impossible to control. It’s futile even to try.  That’s why I only focus on things.

Do you have/know any disguised fear?

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