Be Aware Of Your Filters

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By filters, I don’t mean the kind you find under the hood of a car or in your basement furnace, but the kind between your two ears.  Yes, the filters make us look but don’t see or listen but don’t hear.  Allow me to elaborate.

Our brains are biased naturally.  With multitude inputs around us, we go crazy if we attend to them all.  That’s when our brains filter out the important from the not important, the new from the the familiar. Our muscle memory can efficiently take care of the routine & habitual tasks.

This way, we can focus our attention and energy on the important, high priority tasks.  Similar to the autopilot on an airplane which allow the pilot to focus on the more critical tasks such as take off and landing. The other stuffs we can do them with eyes closed as the saying goes.

If  that is how our brain works, filtering out the familiar, insignificant details, and allow item of interest to pass through, why the need to be aware of them filters?  Because, analogous to the spam filters, important information can be inadvertently left out.

When we don’t see the homeless on the street corners, the starving children in the soup kitchen line, or the fish choked by plastics in the ocean, they are not on our radars.  But the problems still exist, and they don’t solve themselves. Be aware of the filters.  If you don’t sense it, you don’t know it.

What do you think about the social/ media? Are they filters?

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