Flattening The Curve?

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At the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, healthcare experts were worrying about our infrastructure reaching the brink of saturation, and social distancing was the way to flatten the curve and gain time for vaccine & therapeutic developments.

Now, 18 months later, the worst case scenario is happening.  News headline has that Idaho is rationing its health care statewide “because the increase in COVID-19 patients has exhausted the state’s medical resources.” And this is in spite of the available vaccines and therapeutics.  What is going on?

According to the Associated Press, Idaho is one of the least vaccinated U.S. states, with only about 40% of its residents fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Only Wyoming and West Virginia have lower vaccination rates. The vaccines are supposed to ease the social distancing restrictions and allow life back to normal.

Will West Virginia and Wyoming also follow the path of Idaho? Not if we can flatten the curve again.  But given the hospitals are getting crushed and people are dying (because of it), what will it take for the remaining Americans to get vaccinated? 

What options do we have to flatten the curve without resorting to a vaccine mandate or lockdown?

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4 Responses to Flattening The Curve?

  1. An average of 98.5% of hospitalized patients are not vaccinated. Time for people to get the vaccines in my opinion. Having been through Covid myself, I’m so thankful I did. I was able to recover at home.


  2. OmniRunner says:

    We have found the cost of freedom. It’s a 50 cent mask. People would rather die than give in to the paper mask. The horror!
    People want to have their freedom to do what they want? Get a vax and wear a mask. So much better than intubation I say.

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