Blaming Covid-19?

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Going around the room and asking what has the Coronavirus impacted one’s life, the answer lists from A to Z with “Everything” probably a popular choice. But honestly, I feel that answer would be a false positive. Because blaming everything on the Covid-19 is an easy way out  but disguises the real issue.

For example, I am not sleeping well, losing my people skills, and gaining weight. All these existed before the Covid-19 was even a word. But now studies and reports attribute them to the pandemic. Maybe true in some cases. But for me, they existed 18 months ago. Possibly the Coronavirus has accentuated and shed more light on them.

Yes, my poor quality sleep may be exacerbated by me worrying about if I stood too close to someone in the store, my introvert tendency is having a field day on the account of social distancing, and of course my caloric gain without the rigor of marathon training. All Covid-19 plausible.

But no denying in that I am responsible for my problems. Blaming them on the pandemic is futile and does not solve the problems for me. Eventually, when we conquer the Coronavirus, I will be stuck with my problems post-pandemic. Except, no more  excuses.

What issues do you think are being falsely attributed to the Covid-19?

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