A Bad News Day?

If I were President Biden, today would be a day that I rather pass.

Let’s see, first the report of the Coronavirus being the deadliest epidemic in US history, the migrants crisis at the Southern Boarder, words about Evergrande, the largest Chinese real estate developer, rocking the global economy.

As those weren’t enough, Mr. Biden had to go in front of the United Nations later today to address among other topics, the climate crisis, Afghanistan pullout, and why everyone should work together under the US leadership in addressing these issues.

But on the other hand if crisis management is not their cup of tea, the White House is the wrong job to have.  What to me as crises maybe a normal, standard operating day typical for the commander-in-chief for the most powerful nation on earth.

I would not know, and that’s quite okay by me.

How was your day today?

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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