Lessons On Old Textbooks

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Some of my school textbooks could kill.

They are big, bulky, and weigh a ton like bricks. If I were to throw them, liable to kill somebody. But the odd thing is, the more bulky (and expensive) they are, the less I have used them. Don’t know if it was because their inconvenient size or the material content. So most of them ended up on my bookshelves collecting dust.

Why don’t I get rid of them, you ask? Well, two reasons, and I admit neither is legit: One, they costed a lot (at least to me when I was a student), and Two, I kept on thinking maybe one day I will have the need to refer back to them, be it Economics, Physics, or Accounting.

However, as we all know that used text books hold little values, and my urge to open them has been few and far in between.  One day, while browsing, I chanced upon an used bookstore near my house. Rows after rows of used books, videos, and other oldies. And they do buy used books, by the box.

So I may just have to let my textbooks go before I kill someone or something with them.

Do you still hold on to your textbooks?

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