Our Worst Enemy, Part 2

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We are our worst enemy (see paat 1). None better illustrates that than what we are facing in the US right now.

The federal government is staring at a real possibility of running out of money and be forced to shutdown after this Thursday. How could that be for the wealthiest country in the world? The problem is political and a hundred percentage avoidable if the politicians would put aside their differences and focus on the what best for the country.

This is no different from the state of the Coronavirus pandemic in the country. Instead of the tribal mentality between the vaccinated versus the anti-vax, we could have reached herd immunity already and heading down the economic recovery path. The virus maybe natural, but our reactions is a hundred percentage social. In other words, self induced.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not phoo-phoo’ing on our humanity. Life’s opposing forces will always be with us. That’s a given and our history. What determines our destiny though is our reaction to the challenges. Yes, we can continue to be our worst enemy. OR, here is an important point: we can rise to meet the challenge as we had done in putting human on the moon.

The choice is a hundred percent ours.

What do you say?

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