Travel To Experience Life

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Daily regiment can trap not only our body but also our mind and soul. We become staled and locked in – imprisoned by our choice of work, home, or whatever.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the feeling is even more compounded. Be it isolation, loneliness, or boredom, this feeling can not be totally replaced by reading, introspection, or getting to know ourselves better.

What missing is the renewal that travel can bring. If nothing else, travel breaks our routines.  It will bring different people, places, and paces to what we are accustomed to. Once experienced, our minds are stretched and never go back.

For example, before I visited Peru, Idaho potatoes was my benchmark when it came to potatoes. Imaging the surprise I got discovering that Peru holds more than thousand varieties of potatoes. Yes indeed. Not to mention the various ways that the locals utilize the potatoes in their culinary preparations.

Also, on the road, creature comfort takes a sabbatical compared to at home.

My normal preferences for a fruit and vegetable diet gives way to what available while traveling. Often, I opt for exploring local palates. For instance, I had read about Chicago deep dish pizza. But it wasn’t until I visited the Windy City and tasted it at the famous Giodano’s did I appreciate how satisfying it is.

My suggestion is: travel while you can for it renews us. Be more careful than usual because of the Covid-19. But don’t let it deter you from experiencing life as much as you can.

Got any travel in your plan?


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