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Week In Review – 31 Oct 2021

Happy Halloween! An exciting weekend indeed. Will people be out trick-or-treating versus staying home? We will wait and see. At least it’s not raining. With only two months left, the 2021 for sure will be the second pandemic year after … Continue reading

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A Matter Of Choice

  Do I like cleaning my house? Not really. I rather be taking a nap or watching a movie. But because I hate a cluttered house, that deep and burning feeling inside is the reason why I keep my house … Continue reading

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Raining Day Thoughts

  It’s raining. All day. When I was in Seattle, a couple weeks ago the weather was sunny.  But it’s raining here. When I was in Charleston a few hours ago the weather was dark and gray. But it’s raining … Continue reading

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More Than Child’s Play

  When was the last time you smiled or waved at a stranger? In today’s environment, a simple act or child’s play is no longer simple.  Why not?  Is it because as a nation we are too polarized, afraid, or … Continue reading

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Beware Of Scientism

  As a differentiator, scientism involves bias. Specifically, it is, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, an exaggerated trust [emphasis added] in the efficacy of the methods of natural science applied to all areas of investigation. Overzealous of any sorts is suspicious. Economist … Continue reading

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Limit On Freedom Of Speech?

You see, the US Constitution allows anyone to speak their minds without fear of reprisal from the government. But this kind of public displays has me wondering just how far can one go with it. Sure, Mr. Joe Biden is … Continue reading

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The Art Of Leisure Living – Travel

  Enjoy travel, but not the tedious parts? You know the parts about getting to and from the destination, settling into new and strange surrounding, and other regiments associated with  traveling. The tedious parts seem always getting in the way. … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 24 Oct 2011

Seeking truth is the objective of a learned person.  That is also what science, among other branches of study, trying to accomplish.  The truth may change as new facts and evidences emerge but the objective remains the same.  At least … Continue reading

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Reblog: Freedom vs. Liberty: Understanding the Difference & What it Means to Be Truly Free

Interesting article on the subject (don’t get thrown off by the name of the Website).  Instead of being interchangeable, the two terms (Freedom and Liberty) are quite different from their origins and applications. The discussions (in the podcast) with Sam … Continue reading

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Is Filibustering Fair?

  Filibuster has received lots of attention lately, as the US Senate can’t seem to build consensus anymore with its chamber evenly divided (50/50).  You see, senator’s term lasts 6 years unlike the House of Representatives (2 years). In theory, … Continue reading

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