Apathy Is Sad

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When the road we face is uphill or when the battle gets fierce, it’s easy to contemplate giving up.  There is a convenient excuse – oh well, we have tried it, but it is of no use. So might as well give it up. That is apathy and not talked about it much.

How do I know?  I have confronted apathy many times running marathons.  For instance, when cramps start to develop in my legs, when the uphill seems endless, or when the weather is extreme hot or cold, do I just give up, or do I continue to push myself?

That mental struggle is common to folks, and the one I know well. The experience is personal and real. So I don’t judge how others respond. Luckily for me, barring actual  physical injury, I work through it each and every time when that happens.

Personally, what carries me through is my 20 weeks marathon training.  All those time, effort, and distance I sweated and labored prepare me for such a moment.  I would be sad, very sad if I give up on my investments.  Something I assume is difficult for spectators to understand. 

How do you deal with apathy?

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