Week In Review – 3 Oct 2021

Sadly the Coronavirus death count in the US has surpassed 700,000 this past Friday, and the percentages for fully vaccinate and people with at least one dose are at 56% and 65% respectively. If saving life is important, we can’t allow apathy to stand in the way of vaccination.

Would you support drunk-driving? If not, why should we support anti-vax? Time to stop waffling and start taking action.  And by action, I mean constructive course of action like keeping the government open.  The opposite makes no sense when the country is faced with the pandemic and other crises.

But believe it or not, some Congressional Republicans actually voted for closing the government. Go figure. As the government budget for the next fiscal year is being debated, the priority must be on managing our risks and putting the money where it’s most needed.  We should expect and demand as much from those elected politicians.

For concepts like democracy and republic are not just nice words, they are what we believe, and as such demand our active participation. Many options available. One I would suggest is travel.  Because it allows us to get a sense of what is going on beyond our immediate environment. Pick whatever works for you.

And if all fail, the midterm election is next year.

Stay safe and have a nice week.


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