Vaccination As Conditions Of Employment

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I am not a fan of mandate, particularly with the public mandate. The term can be manipulated for expediency or gain (e.g. legitimacy or votes). However, with the vaccine mandate applied as conditions of employment, I am totally okay with that requirement.

You see, the conditions of employment is a contract between the employer and employee. It is voluntary. Each side is free to choose (legally). If I don’t like the color of the uniform or the duration for lunch, I am free to seek employment elsewhere. Or if I believe a mandate violates my constitutional rights, I have legal recourse.

In return, the employers have an obligation to protect employees’ health by providing a safe and healthy working environment. When it comes to the Coronavirus, vaccination is the surest way to prevent the spread of the virus among employees and against the transmission from customer.

Therefore I believe it is within the employer’s right to mandate vaccination with its employee or customer. Maybe by doing so, we can save more life and reach herd immunity.

Do you agree that employer has the right to mandate vaccination?

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3 Responses to Vaccination As Conditions Of Employment

  1. I do agree. I was in the military for 20 years. Vaccines and boosters were mandated to keep us healthy and strong.

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    • terryshen says:

      Yes Michelle. That’s why I was surprised that close to 30% of the active military personnel are still unvaccinated. Perhaps too much of mis-information on social media?

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      • I’m guessing so. I know not all of the reserves are vaccinated as my husband is still in the reserves. Keep in mind I retired 10 years ago, and from what I’ve read the standards have really gone down so things may have changed.


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