Morning Easy Run, Not

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This morning the weather was good for running: mid-60’s Fahrenheit and cloudy sky. I was looking forward to finding joy of running with such nice conditions. No goal, no time target, just running for fun. Except, I didn’t find what I was looking for. The reason? My fitness level.

Because l am not training for any races during the pandemic, off season is what my maintenance runs like – easy pace and moderate distance. The problem, however, is that it has been like that going on for two years, since my last marathon in 2019. A very long off season.  And my fitness level reflects it.

How could I tell? My pace is slower than usual. Without the running volume, my kinetic chain, from toes, ankles, knees to hips, are not as strong. I don’t get that extra bounce in my strides. By the end of my run, I am done. Done, as in I don’t feel like taking another step.

Sounds awful? No. Not really. My fitness level is what it is. To regain the fun in running, I could either adjust my expectation and accept the shape I am in, and run slower, or modify my running and incorporate other workouts to push myself into a better shape. 

Which way would you pick?   

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