Politics with A Big P

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When the weight of the world is weighing you down, realize it is really what’s between your two ears that is topsy-turvy. Chances are the world will revolve as it always have, and the sun will come up the same way tomorrow.  Breathe in and let the air, and your stress along with it, out gradually.  This too shall pass.

One of the hazards of being close to Washington DC is the politics invariably spills over.  Whether it’s social/ news media, Starbucks, or dinner table, the subject prevails.  I have no problem with the politics in getting things done (the small p).  It’s the politics on winning (or losing) for its own sake that turns me off.

And there is no shortage of examples:  Congress is playing game of chicken with the debt limit; FDA is dragging its feet on approving the Covid-19 rapid test; candidates are jockeying for position to gain advantage for the 2022 midterm elections.  All are shamelessly on display. It irks me because  my tax dollars are paying for their salaries.  And nothing gets done.

That was why the recommendation in the intro paragraph is there. Sharing it, because I definitely need to practice it.

Into politicking much?

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1 Response to Politics with A Big P

  1. earthskyair says:

    Politics are weighing everyone down these days. Spot on, Terry. 🌷

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