Doubting Self?

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My mom is approaching 90 years old.  It’s a blessing that I still have her in my life.  And in mixed feelings, I get to witness what aging is like for her and possibly a preview for me about the future.

My mom laments often how she no longer can function as she could before: can’t see nor  hear as clear, can’t walk as far, and can’t remember as well.  All normal and age related conditions, I understand.  Nevertheless, these comments frustrate me on several levels.

For one, there is little I can do for her about her declining senses and deteriorating abilities. Other than reminding myself to be more patient and tolerant, I don’t know how to address her predicament. It’s a helpless feeling. And when she starts to doubt herself about her capabilities, it makes me sad.

Seeing my mom’s aging reminds me of what’s awaiting for me. Yes, I consciously try to stay healthy by eating right and exercise regularly.  But in a real sense, I am delaying the inevitable, a fate that all of us will face.

One day, when I start to doubt myself, I will have to figure out how to deal with it.  But for sure that will be the day I loath.

Do you think the definition on quality of life evolves over time?

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