Marathon Weekend

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Two big races this weekend, Boston and Chicago marathons.  Both are major races attracting hundreds if not thousands of participants.  Boston is on Monday (Columbus Day), and Chicago is tomorrow.  And the Boston Marathon offers a virtual race option which takes place between the Friday and Sunday prior.

I am not racing in either.  But to all those who are, I give my wholehearted cheer. Training for and running a marathon are no easy tasks.  Let alone during a pandemic and dealing with all the Covid-19 restrictions. Their perseverance and dedication are hallmarks of marathoners everywhere.

To me these folks are the early adapters to a perhaps back-to-normal racing season. Personally I would feel uncomfortable to train and race during the pandemic.  The stress of a marathon training lowers one’s immune system, plus with the Coronavirus,  breakthrough infection happens even for the vaccinated.

Therefore, I don’t know when I will be ready to race.  Nevertheless my hat off to those who are.

Are you ready to race?

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