Our Inner Child

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A purpose driven life sounds productive, but it can actually be the opposite. The assumption is that life must have a purpose.  Which misguides people into assorted of learned behaviors that veered far from our basic nature, our inner child – doing things simply for the joy of doing it.

In other words, no purpose, no goal, and no competition, just pure enjoyment, is our inner child at play. The creative and fun feelings are innate to all of us.  It just that for some the feelings got overtaken by social scripting.

You see, the “fun” defined by adults is much like work to children.  Is there any doubt why our little Johnny or Mary can’t grasp it? To the children, adults try too hard, make things way more complex, and forget how it is really like to be a child.

Enjoying the activity for its own sake – whether it’s playing dirt, climbing tree, or simply spinning around in circle. Everyone went through them growing up.  But calluses grow over time, and those feelings become indistinguishable.

So it’s worth repeating that no purpose, no goal, and no competition and just pure enjoyment is our inner child at play.  And it’s never too late to reconnect with our inner child. How, you ask? 

First, focus on the self and not the others.  What is your heart saying? Second, letting go of social inhibitions that are holding you back. Dance as if no one is watching. And, third, write your worries in the sands, and let the tides wash them away.  Sure you can do it.

What ways do you get in touch with your inner child?

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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