What Retirement Means To Me, Part 2

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Retirement is a new chapter.  It has allowed me to accomplish items from  my bucket list. If you don’t know what a bucket list is, let me introduce you to Lesley Carter. You can read all about her adventures.  Here are some of mine: be a leisure class, see the Northern Lights, and visit Machu Picchu.

Being a leisure class: I am more laid-back sans management/ leadership mandates from higher up.  At the same time, I have shed some of my extrovert persona. Which means, I no longer have the urge to speak up in situations, nor push people to meet deadline or adhering to schedule.  Those were the burdens of a manager of people.

With fewer people to fend for, my priorities are simpler.  Any important milestones, tasks, or bucket list items, for example, get handled according to my preferences. As a result, I have more leeway with my time, energy and resource.  And more opportunities avail themselves to me.

Do I miss the people?  To be honest, a little.  Most of relationship at work was task oriented.  I had little interactions with people who had no business to my job.  Sure I volunteered for office picnic or holiday party duty.  But again those were the leadership tasks that I no longer responsible for.

Are you ready to retire?

Part 1, here.

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