Autumn Leaves

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One of the iconic images of Fall for me here at the Mid-Atlantic is the leaves. The Autumn foliage with its brilliant colors and the piles after piles of them fallen on the ground represent the changing season from Summer to Fall. It is one of Mother Nature’s unmistakable masterpieces.

As beautiful as the images are, equally memorable is the work involved in raking and bagging of these leaves. I used to think it will never end (it does) as the leaves kept on falling from the trees. But now, I know better to leave them alone. Better not only for my back but also for the environment as well. 

You see, as part of the nature’s cycle of life, the leaves if left alone can reduce greenhouse gas (because of our landfills of yard trimmings), serve as natural fertilizer for the lawn, and sources of food for the birds and other animals. Not to mention, they give a brown coat to the bare yard during the cooler months.

So I no longer slave myself over the leaves anymore.  Just run the mulching mower over the leaves to break them down and let the nature does its work to take care of the rest. It’s good for me and the environment.  A win-win. 

Can you think of other win-win solutions to the climate change?

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