Life Under Pandemic

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Nobody asked for the Covid-19. It sorta just happened, at least that is what we know so far. The changes brought on by the pandemic caught people by surprise.  In other words, no crystal ball nor big data predicted how our lives would be impacted. We are figuring it out as the history unfolds.

For instance, who would have thought the Covid-19 would become the deadliest epidemic in the US? Or how vulnerable our society is structured to handle such crisis? The reputation of being the most developed and the wealthiest country in the world did not spare us from the virus’ wrath.  Some would argue that it might have hurt us.

Be that as it may, each one of us has to evaluate on a personal level how best to deal with the unexpected challenges as well as the unfolding events.  Staying at home, wearing mask, vaccination, and booster shot? No textbook solution or established wisdom can shine a light on the path forward.  In fact, lots misinformation are making an uncertain situation more confusing.  

Nevertheless, not all changes are the same or bad. We have an obligation to re-exam our situations and evaluate the available options when called upon.  Be it working from home, business transformation or new development, we hold the key to leading the change we want, especially when it comes to our personal life.

After nearly two years of the Covid-19, how has you life changed? For better or worse? And why?  

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