Transition? What Transition? Part 2

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Watching the Biden administration this past nine months, any excitement accrued from  Trump’s departure while kicking and screaming about a stolen election, has been tempered by disappointments in how the Biden’s team handled  their tasks.

Without a doubt, Covid-19 was top priority on the agenda when the White House transition took place.  Biden himself promised American will be independent from the Coronavirus by Fourth of July. Not only it didn’t happen, it’s a classic of over-promise and under-delivery.

Similarly on the economy, the unprecedented amount of pandemic stimulus money from the government has kept the US economy afloat.  Unfortunately, the well intended effort failed to address an infrastructure that has been beleaguered by the pandemic and that can not keep up with the spurted demand.

Should I mention Biden’s noble decision to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan but only to have the whole task mired by his team’s pathetic handling of the transition? It rings a familiar tune of  ‘give your heart to something, but never get to your anticipated destination?”

By all accounts, Biden is a seasoned politician. Surely, he understands the importance of transition, right? But I suppose mastering the art is different from seniority on the task. If it were that easy, anyone can be the president.

Part 1, here.

Have you noticed the transitions in nature? 

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