Waiting, Part 3

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I dislike waiting. It renders me feeling helpless. Which is the reason why I would take a longer route than be stuck in traffics. Patience is a virtue? No. I don’t think so. It is too passive and reactive for me. I rather seize control and hold destiny in my own hands.

Yes, to be fair, there are times, we need to wait, as in waiting for our turn. But it does not mean forever. In other words, how many turns would you let it pass before you take action? I also admit that I had missed a few things in my hastes of get going. Usually because my mind got away.

In those situations when I am stuck, what do I do?  Among the many alternatives like cell phone, reading book, I prefer meditation or simply focusing on my breath. Because, instead of embarking on an mental escape, meditation helps to bring my mind into the present instead of letting it wonder.

Part 2, here.

What do you do while stuck waiting?

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